13a First Ave Kingsland Auckland 1021 New Zealand
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Jasmine Papprill
09 845 1182
021 739 962

Want to greet your guest with something unforgettable? Our glamorous aerial dancers elegantly pour champagne or wine whilst hanging upside down!
We specialise in aerial bartending, our beautiful aerial dancers are suspended from an aerial sling, silks or a hoop in the air. We provide the most beautiful aerial dancers who have been highly trained in this innovative art, giving you a truly unforgettable experience to add to your event.
Book an amazing aerial circus act to add the ‘WOW’ factor to your wedding. Our beautiful aerial dancers are highly skilled in aerial sling, silks and hoop. These artists combine remarkable strength, flexibility and creativity to add a touch of the spectacular to your wedding. Aerial acts are usually 6 mins long, and can be tailored to suit a specific piece of music and theme.

We pride ourselves in providing the most professional aerial entertainment in the industry. Get in touch to discuss your special set up!

We are open during the following hours:

Monday 9-5
Tuesday by appointment only
Wednesday 9-8
Thursday 9-9
Friday 9-5
Sunday 3:30-5