Bubble Rock

Bubble Rock
59 Rukutai St Orakei Auckland 1071 New Zealand
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We are filmmakers. We are photographers. We are creative minds. Bubblerock was born from many different inspirations and creative projects that founders Steph and Robin always seem to fall into. Short films and documentaries, weddings, events, travels, writing, doodling, cooking, music, crafting, … We are just two people feeding off keeping busy, learning new skills, perfecting old ones, and always looking for the next challenge. We love a story well-told, a photo beautifully taken, a smile captured, an emotion triggered, and a memory kept. If this is how you like things too, then let’s get talking.

We love old technology as much as our modern gadgets and when Steph got her parents 1967 Canon Super 8 Camera out, they both were hooked. There is something truly magical in capturing images on film. No sound. Just the images, the grain, the scratches, the imperfection. It brings an element of timelessness to anything you film. Something truly special.

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