Sutcliffe Jewellery

Sutcliffe Jewellery
203 Parnell Road Parnell Auckland 1052 New Zealand
+64 9 309 0127

"Inspiration comes in many forms: whether it is the architecture of a building, a piece of music, a certain indefinable colour or even the taste of a particular food. Inspiration for beauty, originality and design can be found in almost anything, although over the years I have found certain reliable sources that will constantly provide ideas.

I have found Art Deco and Art Nouveau architecture a great source of inspiration for lines and shapes, whilst ideas for colour can be drawn from New Zealand's natural beauty. We also have a rich cultural heritage which merges the old world with the new; Sotheby's with the South Pacific. These factors become entwined and provide ample inspiration for refined, stunning designs.

It is paramount that my customers get exactly what they want. My motivation is to help people wear something that is simultaneously beautiful and original - jewellery that says something about the neck it adorns or the hand carrying it. For that reason, I seek to understand what it is the customer desires before looking back at my sources of inspiration to figure out what design is best for each individual customer."

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