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As a wedding supplier you need to be great at what you do AND great at keeping your brand in front of an ever changing audience, because, let’s face it, there not too many repeat customers in the wedding industry!

Weddings are very visual events and great images are an emotive, inspiring, convincing way to present goods and services to potential brides-to-be.

Traditional directory sites tend to be boring and text based - not especially emotive. It can be hard to portray your brand effectively in a few lines of text.

Dearly Beloved shows the shoppers what's on offer.

We showcase your gorgeous, high quality images in a visual browsing format. Brides-to-be to be, their wedding planners and their family and bridesmaids simply browse their options, gather them on a mood board and share them with each other over their favourite social media.

Weddings in New Zealand are huge business. Seduce brides-to-be and wedding purchasing decision-makers from across New Zealand and around the world by your offers, all for an affordable fixed monthly or annual fee.

How does Dearly Beloved work?

It’s pretty simple. You choose a package that best suits your business size and budget, then start off on your one month, no obligation, risk-free trial.

Register your business profile for free, then enter the details customers need to know about your company (such as your phone number and website). Choose your package and upload your show-stopping images and information about each offer.

Your listing is as beautiful, emotive and visual as your images are, so our advice is choose the most stunning images you can. If you need help finding a great photographer just drop us a line, or look one up on Dearly Beloved!

What do I get with my subscription?

Valuable, high profile visual exposure amongst real potential customers.

Your subscription entitles you to space on our amazing wedding tool to showcase your fabulous products or services. How many images you can pin depends the size of the package you choose.

(If you need more pins, you can easily increase your subscription package size.)

  • Each of your pins can be ‘loved’ by shoppers and collected on their personal mood boards to share with friends or keep as a reminder to buy.
  • Each pin can be shared by our shoppers via high usage social media sites such as
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Pinterest
  • This means you get an exponential exposure opportunity to be seen by friends of our brides-to-be at no further charge than your monthly subscription.
  • Each picture is referenced directly to your profile which means customers can always find their way back to your business.

You get a personalised business profile with a unique URL featuring your company details and offers.

You choose your own URL.

That’s right, you get your very own branded Dearly Beloved website so you can easily direct customers straight to your profile.

Your business profile page can share all or any of the following information with potential customers:

  • your company name
  • your logo
  • a brief blurb about what you do
  • your telephone contact details and best contact person
  • your physical address and a map of how to find you
  • your opening hours
  • your website address
  • your social media profiles (twitter, facebook, pinterest)
  • and all your fabulous pinned images!

We further increase your online profile and qualified prospects visiting your website by:

  • Publicly liking your Facebook page
  • Publicly following you on Twitter
  • Helping to connect magazines and blogs requiring content with your business.

How does the risk-free one month trial work?

When you sign up and choose a plan you’ll be asked if you want a monthly or annual plan. Some people want the convenience and saving of a one off annual plan and some people prefer to pay as they go; it’s completely your choice.

You'll also be asked for your credit card details BUT you won't be charged a cent until the start of your second month and if (for any reason) you change your mind in that time, it’s simple to unsubscribe with no obligation to pay for the trial time.

If you need to, you can upgrade your package to a bigger one at any time too.

What if I want to unsubscribe?

Unlike wedding vows, we’re not about locking things in for eternity! We’ve kept things easy and flexible for you:

  • Your subscription will never run out unless you decide to unsubscribe.
  • You can unsubscribe at any time and at no charge.
  • If you do decide to unsubscribe you won’t pay any more fees and your listing will remain active until the end of the period you have paid for.

How will Dearly Beloved benefit my business?

Sign up for one of our advertiser packages and experience immediate guaranteed benefits:

  • increased online exposure

    The internet is now the first place your target market goes to start researching. We help make your brand more visible to people looking for bridal services.

  • drive new customers to your website

    Because Dearly Beloved customers can click through to your website from every single image you post we helps visitor numbers to your site and your SEO.

  • social media reach

    Our platform design gives you exception reach via social media. Every offer you post can be shared by brides-to-be by facebook, twitter and email with all their friends, who can then continue to like and share your brand.

  • drive new customers to your door

    Dearly Beloved makes it easy for customers to gather all the details they need to contact you or come and visit your showroom, including integrated maps and opening hours.

Dearly Beloved for free
10 pins
  • Create your business listing on Dearly Beloved for free.